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Introducing Autism Awareness

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About Our Cause

What We Stand For

It's extremely important for kids, especially young ones, to know what autism is and how it can affect their peers. It's vital for children to understand that even though autism is not something to be nervous or scared about, it's also important to realize that sometimes our friends with autism might have different behaviors or habits that we aren't used to.

To help kids learn more about autism, we've created a series of educational videos that can help kids further their understanding of autism, and what they can do to help their friends with autism feel more comfortable and happy. We are also providing in-person or virtual presentations of these videos (plus extra content!) for any organization or group of kids! Contact us for more.

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Ways to Spread Awareness:


I offer many opportunities to sign up for a virtual or in-person presentation. If you are an organization with children interested in this, please feel free to contact me for more information! I provide opportunities for Q+As, extra details, and more!

Spread the Word!

All of these videos are free to share to whomever you'd like! If you have someone in mind you think would benefit from this information, don't hesitate to spread the word and awareness for autism!

Let us know!

Learned something? Shared this with someone? Attended a presentation? Let us know in the forum! We are always happy to hear opinions, constructive criticism, feedback, etc.

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What is Autism?

Facial Expressions

Favorite Things

Eye Contact

Loud Noises

Stims and Ticks

Hand Flapping

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