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About Me

Hi! My name is Nicole Kam: I'm currently a 16 year old Girl Scout looking to achieve my Gold Award (for my information, check below). I'm really passionate about a lot of things, and one of them in particular is autism. So for my project, I created a group of educational videos to help kids understand what autism is, and how it can affect our peers!

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Kids in Preschool

About The Cause

What We Stand For

As part of the Girl Scout Gold Award, I am aiming to spread awareness about autism to children. Autism is an extremely important topic, and one that needs to be taught to children as soon as possible. I hope you join in my campaign to make awareness and acceptance of autism more plausible to our youth, and help make this world a better community for all.

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Image by Pauline Loroy

The Gold Award:

The Gold Award is one of the highest achievements a girl scout can achieve. To obtain this, a girl scout must embark on a journey of at least 100+ hours to make a project that will improve her community and make a lasting impact that will positively benefit her society in any way she deems fit and plausible.

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